Unusual cocktails

We are all used to cocktails in the conventional sense. But what about cocktails with an unusual composition? Now your vision of cocktails will change!

There are a myriad of cocktails made from a wide variety of ingredients. Some of them are quite familiar, but they are very unusual when combined with other ingredients

Banana shake

In order to prepare banana milkshake at home, we need only 10 minutes of free time, milk and bananas, and 2 ingredients according to your taste, a little attention and love! Such a cocktail is prepared very simply and quickly, and most importantly, thanks to such a portion of milk and fruit, you will get a bunch of vitamins, a boost of energy and a pleasant mood from a delicious drink!

Milkshake with nuts

This turns out to be a delicious and nourishing drink, which can be used to replace an afternoon snack. It will energize you and charm you with a harmonious combination of nuts, dried fruits and milk. It is worth noting that a milkshake with nuts and dried fruits belongs to the type of drinks that should be served immediately after preparation. It is undesirable to leave the drink in the refrigerator for a long time, as this will distort its flavor.

Cocktail can become not only a delicious dessert, but also a great independent dish for those who are concerned about the slenderness of their own figure

A cocktail with sau-sep

Such an unusual ingredient will surprise anyone, and its flavor will accentuate any cocktail. It is not only fresh, invigorating, nutritious and tasty, but also quite attractive aesthetically.

Egg cocktail

Eggnog delicious Christmas and New Year's cocktail has earned such popularity around the world for a reason: it perfectly balances delicate creamy taste, mind-blowing spicy flavor, slightly pulling soft consistency and ease of preparation

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